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Christophe Cointet 

Senior Prosthetist HCPC MBAPO Expert Witness

Christophe is a professional who has developed considerable and invaluable prosthetic expertise, having worked in many different prosthetic centres and clinics across the UK.

His last appointments as a Lead Clinician at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and as a Prosthetist Consultant at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court were a credit and recognition of his professional expertise and his commitment to deliver the highest level of prosthetic care to all patients.

Following his work with the rehabilitation team at Headley Court, Christophe’ career moved to the private prosthetic sector, working with individuals who had suffered limb loss as a result of a trauma.  Therefore, he has acquired considerable experience in the management of complex fittings and advance technology, as a result of working with this particular patient group.  We believe Christophe is one of the most experienced prosthetists in this area of prosthetic rehabilitation.

During his career, Christophe has been involved in the trial and launch of new products from ankle foot biomimetic device to Microprocessor Knee (MPK), presenting and sharing his knowledge to both national and international audiences. He has been mentoring and educating students and graduates from both Strathclyde and Salford Universities in the arts and science of prosthetics.

Christophe has a keen interest in developing new limb systems to assist with outdoor activities. He specialised in the delivery of dedicated cycling, horse riding and climbing/mountaineering limbs.

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John Jones

Director of Operations

A commercially focused Director of Operations with some 20 years of experience within the health industry including 11 years working within Prosthetic and Orthotic rehabilitation. I have a successful track record of delivering change by challenging the existing methodologies to bring about improved services for patients and made a difference to how effective and efficiently those services are delivered by increasing capacity, quality and speed of delivery.

Work experience includes Director of Operations of a national cancer research organisation, involving cross-sector working with the NHS and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Wales, regional management at InHealth, the largest UK private sector Qualified Provider of Endoscopy & Diagnostics services. Synexus: the world’s largest multi-national company entirely focused on the recruitment and running of clinical trials through its own dedicated research centres. Blatchfords: UK`s largest private Prosthetic and Orthotic manufacturing company running operations at multiple NHS, Private and Military rehabilitation centres. Dixons Stores Group: managing a £20M turnover superstore with four businesses and teams.


Operationally managed up to 15 rehabilitation centres rolling out national projects to improve procedures and systems to enhance operational efficiency by standardising manufacturing and working practices. Successfully ran the Disabled Rehabilitation Centre, (DRC), at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital at Stanmore NW London, as a General Manager, while operationally managing the Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court for the Ministry of Defence at Epsom, Surrey, working with multi-disciplinary teams to improve capacity and throughput of patients.

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Chris Parsons

Senior Prosthetist HCPC MBAPO Expert Witness

Passionate about prosthetics, Chris is a highly accomplished clinician and manager, with nearly 40 years of experience in all levels of limb difference and rehabilitation.

Chris has a proven record in successful service delivery, clinical outcomes and team management and is adept at assessing and understanding the unique requirements for each case entrusted to him,

He embraces every challenge his career presents, always seeking the best outcome for patients, clients and their families.

Chris is currently enjoying providing expert prosthetic care from his clinic in the South East of England.

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Paul Richardson

Senior Prosthetist HCPC MBAPO Expert Witness

Paul is an accomplished clinical Prosthetist with a wealth of experience working with both upper- and lower-limb amputees.

Having originally started out working in the NHS alongside Christophe, Paul has spent the last decade in the private sector as part of a team working mainly with traumatic amputees and helping to rebuild lives following life-changing injuries.

Paul attributes his success as a clinician to his conviction that the most important part of any prosthesis is the person wearing it, rather the advanced prosthetic technology that so many professionals tend to focus on. His goal is always to improve his patient’s quality of life by helping them achieve their own goals – whether that means running a marathon, walking the dog or just being able to stand up again.


In the past Paul has provided specialist prosthetic support to a number of Paralympians and Paracyclists, as well as worked alongside Walking With the Wounded and Help for Heroes on various prosthetic projects. He is also an experienced public speaker, frequently appearing at conferences and training events to present on the subject of Prosthetic Rehabilitation.

Jim Ashworth-Beaumont

Senior Orthotist HCPC MBAPO 

With over two decades of post-graduate experience as an HCPC registered Orthotist/Prosthetist, Jim has first and foremost demonstrated his commitment to breaking down lifestyle barriers for his clients. Working predominantly as an Orthotist within large Trusts attracting majority specialist Tertiary caseloads, he has for over a decade held the position of Senior Orthotist and currently Research and Quality Lead Orthotist at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust at Stanmore, Middx, UK.

Jim has a flair for achieving practical functional outcomes to address agreed goals, informed by a deep understanding of the interplay between orthopaedic, musculoskeletal, metabolic, neurological, psychological and time factors. His caseload is diverse, encompasses conditions as diverse as central nervous system degeneration and injury; peripheral e.g. Brachial plexus, common peroneal nerve injury; trauma and repetitive overload; limb segment loss or reconstruction affecting the limbs or trunk; metabolic or tissue disorders.

Throughout his career he has specialised in the care of complex client presentations, who often come with a history of suboptimal healthcare experience. This caseload requires a high level of holistic insight, understanding and independent clinical judgement from initial referral triage through assessment and successive treatment episodes.

Jim is committed to ‘joined-up’ practise, proactively developing multidisciplinary team relationships to focus appropriate care onto patient groups and individuals, in particular Foot and Ankle, Trauma and Limb reconstruction, Neurorehabilitation, Sports Injury and Military and Performance Medicine. He communicates effectively with medical, healthcare and technical colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. His practise is enhanced by over two decades of clinical experience combined with extensive multidisciplinary academic qualifications (MSc Neurorehabilitation and PhD Health Studies) and post-Doctoral research. He regularly supervises MSc and PhD students through their projects.

His broader understanding of injury and rehabilitation is informed by current qualifications and practise as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and UK Athletics accredited endurance coach. In 2020 he survived a polytrauma to become possibly the World’s only practising Orthotist/Prosthetist with an above elbow amputation. Jim served in regular and reserve capacities with Royal Marines & UK Land Forces and has been a competing endurance athlete for several decades.

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