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Clinical Services


We aim to provide clinical, practical and managerial support to prosthetic centres, including specialist prosthetic services for veterans.

Our experience includes supporting the Orthotic and Prosthetic Unit (OPU) located at, St Luke’s Hospital, Malta, Clinical Lead at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and Consultant prosthetist at Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court.

We have expertise in working with private individuals of all ages requiring complex tailored prosthetic care and solutions to answer to their specific prosthetic needs.

Our professional expertise is particularly well suited to provide targeted support to complex patients as well as mentoring, teaching junior colleagues working in collaboration with or within the NHS.


Locum Services

We have experience in providing locum service to both the public and private sector nationwide and internationally. Contact us for more information.

Operational management

Optimising service delivery with the input of our commercially focused Director of Operations with some 20 years of experience within the health industry including 11 years working within Prosthetic and Orthotic rehabilitation. "I have a successful track record of delivering change by challenging the existing methodologies to bring about improved services for patients and made a difference to how effective and efficiently those services are delivered by increasing capacity, quality and speed of delivery"

Other services


JPC-OP cumulates over 50 years of prosthetic expertise in dealing with all levels of amputation. We aim to share that expertise by providing practical training modules tailored to your specific requirements.

Complex socket fitting

Our expertise and knowledge is particularly well suited to finding socket fitting solutions for individuals presenting with complex residual limbs. 

What Our Clients Say

Allen Ives


I met Christophe when he was working for the NHS. As a prosthetist who cared about his patients, always going the ‘extra mile’ to make sure they received first-class treatment, he was impressive.


Later, when I needed more prosthetic help than the NHS could provide, I approached his private company, now offering an even more personal service. After thoroughly discussing my needs, he proposed making a leg tailor-made for my individual problems, for a very reasonable fee.


He came to my home several times to cast my leg, fit the new limb and make adjustments, the whole process taking much less time than I expected.


The resulting leg far exceeds my expectations. It is comfortable, easy to wear - and I know that if I experience any problems, I can phone or email Christophe and get a quick response

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