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Will I benefit from a private prosthetic service?

Your socket is the most important element of your prosthesis!

If your socket fit does not allow you to mobilise without pain or is limiting your rehabilitation progress, requesting the service of a private practitioner will allow you to benefit without delay from the expertise of a recognised and established professional specialising in socket design that best meets your specific needs.


Why request a domiciliary prosthetic service?

You are safer at home.

You are benefiting from your own home comfort.

You do not have to travel.

You do not have to wait to be seen.

How to start?

Simply contact us by email using the form on the website or call us for an informal conversation.  We will do our best to guide you through the process involved in the provision of private prosthetics and answer any questions you may have.

How does it work?

Once we have established contact, the first step would be for us to assess your specific prosthetic requirements. This may be in person by completing a full assessment, following Covid-19 protection guidelines as set by BAPO, or via video-link.

How much will it cost?

The immediate prosthetic need assessment fee is a fixed fee covering the assessment time and following report. The report also provides an indication of prosthetic costs. The costs for a domiciliary visit are dependent on travel distance and time. These are in addition to the assessment fixed fee.  When you contact us, we shall inform you of the total fee for an initial assessment and report.

How many home visits are needed for the delivery of a complete prosthesis?

This varies depending on the fitting process. If a Direct Socket fit is possible then a couple of visits should be sufficient. If multiple socket fitting stages are needed, then 5 to 6 visits may be required. The number of visits required will be estimated within the initial report for you to consider.

What happens if I need an adjustment to my new prosthesis?

Following the delivery of the prosthesis with the definitive socket, you will benefit from two follow-up visits within 6 weeks of the delivery of the new prosthesis. Following this, if further adjustments are required a home visit charge will be incurred.

Home visit steps explained

Initial contact/referral:

Assess immediate prosthetic needs via video conference/telephone.


Provide quote for first domiciliary visit. If quote agreed once payment is received an appointment will be organised for the first home visit.


First domiciliary visit:


Establish prescription, provide report with quote.

You agree to proceed and pay 80% non-refundable deposit.


Second domiciliary visit:

Depending on the prescribed socket style, we may proceed with the fitting of a diagnostic socket for a trial period of 2 to 3 weeks or fit a definitive socket. The different socket styles and fitting stages will be explained in the initial report.

contact us

Call 07766746702

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What Allen said

The resulting leg far exceeds my expectations. It is comfortable, easy to wear - and I know that if I experience any problems, I can phone or email Christophe and get a quick response


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